Kristina Lynn Photography
Southwest Virginia Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer


Photo Credit: Kristen Horton

About Kristina

Often our truest passions emerge from our childhood, but as we grow older we start doing things for other motives rather than just pure enjoyment. As I look back into my childhood memories - I was often outside, drawing/coloring, building, organizing or reading. Even though photography was not a fundamental activity for me as a child, I have realized that creativity has always been a staple hobby. Photography allows me to be outdoors and observe the beauty around me all while creating an image that is colorful and speaks to me, and hopefully, you too.   

I am a wedding +  lifestyle family photographer that is based out of Southwest Virginia and anywhere else your heart desires. I'm ready for travel, if you are!

A little more about myself:

Photography started in high school for me (thanks yearbook class!) and I haven't been able to put a camera down since. I love adventure, traveling and good food! I try to spend more time outdoors than indoors and I would rather eat cheese over anything else. I reside in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and I'm always in the mood to go!