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Taylor Wedding // Intimate Backyard Wedding

Being with a client during growth is one thing. Being with a client during growth + troublesome times + many changes is a completely different story. Savannah has been a client of mine for two years now. We have bonded so well over the past two years and I have to say, I honestly have so much love for her. She is an amazing, compassionate and sweet soul. I have been with her through heartache, joy and love - I have documented her through different stages of her life, stages that are irreplaceable, but this one is a stage that really hits home with me. To see two people that truly love each other + to see so much happiness within each of them almost brings me to tears. I couldn't be any happier for Savannah; Dylan is perfect, kind, dorky, handsome and just fits perfectly into Savannah's arms. Congratulations to the new Taylor's - may your future be as weird and adventurous and amazing as the each of you are! 

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