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Be Brave, Stay Determined & Stride On

As a child I loved reading books. Not only did I enjoy reading books for pleasure, but I also wanted to gain the next step on my AR chart. One of my favorite book series was The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. I remember reading those two books and my head being filled with adventures, dreams, and possibilities.

I was so wrapped up into those books that after reading them, I decided to go out into my backyard and collect as much wood as I could - hauling pieces in my little red wagon - because I wanted to build my own raft so I could float down the local river, The Nolichucky. Just like Huck and Tom. Little did I know that I didn't have the engineering abilities to build such a thing. Little did I know that the Nolichucky River that flows through Eastern Tennessee and Western North Carolina can actually be quite scary. But, that didn't stop me - I was determined. My dreams were big and I craved adventure.


Since my backyard raft escapade I have continued to want to live a life of adventure. I'm still always thinking of crazy possibilities (like living in a school bus ha!) and adventures that I want to complete to this day. My mind continues to race with ideas + dreams and I know that I cannot give up even when I so desperately want to. I have to stay determined, just like my 10 year old self was so determined in the backyard. 

I want you to know that you too can dream big dreams. You can crave adventure and take big risks. Even when people think you are crazy - go ahead and jump on that possibility you've been thinking about. Even when people think it won't work out: be brave, stay determined and stride on. Guess what? Even if it doesn't work out (hey guys I'm not gonna lie, I never made it on the river) you can still pat yourself on the back and say you tried, that you gave it your all, and that lessons were learned along the way.

Go get 'em tiger,