Kristina Lynn Photography - Southwest Virginia Photographer


Aubrey + Joe // Portland, OR Tiny House Series

After running an ad through social media I selected five tiny homes to photograph around the Portland, Oregon area. Aubrey and Joe were my first clients in my tiny house series. I planned on being at their home for approximately an hour - y'all I ended up hanging with them for FOUR hours! We immediately started discussing all tiny house things we had in common and just really connected - they are really the most kind and generous people. They purchased their tiny home in a "raw" format, meaning it was basically just some wood put together on a trailer. They had to attach the stair case, a ladder, paint, add their electricity and plumbing, and many other items. Even though they didn't DIY this project from start, they still put in a lot of time and effort to make it perfect; and my goodness do I think it's perfect. The pictures prove it! It's so nice to get to see and experience another person's tiny house. I'm so excited to see other clients that signed up for my series too!